Monday, June 9, 2014

Stop being a Zombie.............

Have a lot of changes in your life? Concerned that God is trying to "teach your something"? Wonder what you should be "learning"? 

Change is not bad, just different. It doesn't mean you did something wrong. It doesn't mean God is upset. It doesn't mean you were given the wrong directions or a bad prophecy or that you heard wrong. You do not need to be confused, ashamed or make excuses.

Maybe you are just growing. Maybe you are just being refined. 

Change is not bad just different.

We celebrate the prophetic foreshadowing of Jesus’ resurrection when we read about Lazarus coming forth from the tomb. We celebrate the resurrection of Christ—the pivotal point that proved he was the Son of God. The supernatural accuracy of the prophecies concerning the Messiah should be enough proof BUT the resurrection was that “final straw” proving his diety so to speak.  

Change is not bad—just different. Maybe it is really growth. Maybe it is refining. Why do we think change is something “bad”?

We talk about raising the dead. We have seen it happen. Some of us have prayed and experienced it. But, what about spiritual death? Partnering with the enemy in your thought processes? Allowing your emotions to rule your spirit man? Are you spending your life swirling in the repeat cycle of negativity, whining, self-pity….

When something happens that is a change in your life, something different from the norm, where do you run? To the word? To His presence? His word? His love?

Or, do you run to the tomb of your sin and take up residence? Do you run to the tomb of death and move in? No one ran into Jesus’s tomb and thought the linen cloths he had been wrapped in were really Him. They knew the cloths were just His covering. Sin was your covering prior to salvation. The linen cloths of your sin, your past are not YOU.

Don’t go look for your sin and stay in the tombs of death—run to the savior and LIFE.

What do this have with intercession?

It is time to imitate Christ and call forth our friends from their tombs of sin and death—but first you need to get out of your tomb.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pianos, Seeds, Dolls and Figurines.......

So many times we pray and we have an expectation. We send up a few words, we talk to the Lord about our burning desire, our passion for this prayer request, we pray fervently, we wait and 15 minutes later (yes I am being facetious but only partially) or 3 weeks or 3 months, the fervor dies out. Sometimes we wonder what happened. We make excuses. We eventually forget about it. So much so that often we forget we prayed. (and doesn't that imply that we also forget to be grateful?)

How many seeds of prayer do you have planted that have not happened---YET? Just like any seed in the dirt you can leave it to the birds of the air, the ground animals the elements or you can nurture it, water it, care for it and reap a harvest from it.

I hear a lot of Christians say, when they don't get a quick answer to their prayers, that God said, "NO". Did he? Where is the scripture for that? I do know that if you do not receive about what you pray about then you may be praying “amiss”. BUT, even when Israel prayed against God’s direct wishes and they cried out for a king, God asked them to reconsider but He still granted their prayers. Isn't that what free will is about? We are not marionettes on a string. Christianity is having a relationship with Christ.

When I was a fairly new Christian I wanted a piano. I asked God for one. That was it, simple. I wanted my kids to learn to read music. I wanted to be able to play it etc. No big warfare, just a simple, “God please bring me a piano.”

Two years later a friend was moving and she asked me if I wanted a piano. She brought it over. It was an antique, upright, oak, cast iron insides (read that HEAVY) piano. I started saving money to get it tuned up. The problem was that a week later I got the approval to start my Masters in Durant. I started packing everything I owned, getting rid of this and that. I realized God loved me and he would always hear and answer my prayers but did I really want to play the piano? Did I really want a piano to be responsible for? Did I really want to spend all that money for tuning and lessons? (Did I even have all that money?) Not really. Did I even have enough room in the truck? No. So I had to find someone who wanted a piano.

I did not think that through when I prayed. It was a whim and yet God answered my prayer. God will answer YOUR prayers. It might not be today but He will answer. 

When Jenny was little they started making Precious Moments. She loved them. They were limited editions and expensive for this single mom. I got her one, someone else bought her the one of the puppies in the cart. I bought her another. Someone got her the doll and so on. She never had many. They were the only valuable “thing” she ever had.

We got an antique shelf to put them on. It fit in a corner. She loved it. Then one night when we had a small earthquake. It fell and they all broke. She was upset but very Jen-like. I was upset, I cried out to God. I could not replace these. This was not right and so on. God, I need to replace these.

I prayed out of compassion for my daughter. I prayed with fervor. I prayed through tears of loss. Through hurt for her. Sounds kinda goofy but these represented the sacrifice one will make for their child. They represented a lot of emotionally-tied things. She never got another one. Every time I am in a store and see them I think about how much she loved them.

I didn't really expect Him to any replace them anymore. She is grown. She has children of her own. Her oldest is getting married. It is past the season I am sure…..


Yesterday someone gave me 2 HUGE tubs of Precious Moments’ dolls, figurines, etc. still in the boxes. Perfect mint condition. Abundantly above what I could ask or even think—much less hope for. The lady who gave them to me was probably not even born when Jenny’s fell and broke.


Intercession and prayer are more than we expect. Once you set things in motion the heavenlies are at work to bring it to pass.

What does this have to do with intercession?

This IS intercession.