Monday, February 23, 2015

The Mirror

I have a mirror in my purse. It is worthless but I paid more for it than I should have because it seemed like such a good idea.

I don’t see much without my glasses so a purse mirror needs to have a magnifier part. This one does. It needs to have some kind of cover so it doesn’t get scratched. This one does. It needs to be small enough to fit in a purse pocket. This one does.

The thing is it doesn’t open all the way so you can hardly use it—ok that is generous—it is unusable.
Why do I hang on to it?
  •  I paid a lot for it (at least at that time in my life—ok let’s be    honest, at anytime in my life)
  •  I hate to waste things.
  •  I don’t have another one.
  •  I hate to admit it was such a stupid purchase.
  •  Who knows?????
So many times I see Christians trying to look into their past – they can’t really see well. They can’t really get the cover open. The past is too framed in emotion, ideals, longings of dreams to really see clearly. The glimpses are usually the pain, the justification—some hazy creation in our minds of what the truth of the past really looks like. Very like my magnifying mirror—I sorta guess where I am putting on my eyeliner from memory and feel.

Even when people cannot get the cover open they struggle anyway.

The thing is once under the blood of Christ it is gone but we stick our hands into that pool of blood and we have swirled in His blood to find the past memory.

Why do we try to dredge them up?
  • We paid a lot for that sin—so did Jesus—he paid more.
  • We like the pain of experiencing the sin again—Jesus cannot remember.
  • We haven’t replaced the sin with the word or the blood—we cheapen or try to negate what he did for us.
  • Who knows???? He knew
Throw away the stupid mirror. Renew your mind with the washing of the water of the word.

Look into His beautiful face and see yourself in His reflection. Get lost in His eyes.

What does this have to do with intercession?

If you see people stuck, trying to see, pray them into victory.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hot Air

I buy the big boxes because I use so many!

I cut myself again the other night. This one is to the bone. It is in the crease of my thumb and it HURTS. My husband was there immediately to doctor it up. 

He is one of the nicest people I know. He is so attentive to my needs. If we are out for a drive and I mention I might need to stop soon he pulls into the next rest room. If we are going somewhere and he is ready first he never rushes me. Never indicates I need to hurry up. Never points out he is ready. Never asks me how long I am going to take. He just does whatever he needs on the computer, cleans the kitchen, watches a news show, etc. No judgment, no comments, no attitude—just loving and kind. I am in my 60's so this should not be a shock but it is.

Anyone who knows me at ALL knows I drink a lot of diet coke—I use the term loosely because a lot is a LOT. And, I want fountain—not a can or bottle unless are in a desperate situation! So, although he teases me, he is the first to ask if I need another soda. He will actually point out that mine is low and ask if I need a new one.

If I am hurt, he is the first to notice (no matter how I hide it) and he immediately tries to fix it. It might be a burn, a Band-Aid on a cut finger or an email to a hurting heart.

The thing is, I have never met anyone like this. He is intelligent, logical, observant, kind and caring. You know how people scroll down Facebook news feeds and hit "like" to everything that doesn't just irritate them? He isn't like that but he is tolerant, thoughtful, observant and accepting of everyone at face value. He always makes me feel “special”.  Isn't that what everyone wants?

There is never a doubt that he loves me but it is more than that: He is Godly. Not the “hot-air-judgmental-all-talk-religious” form of godliness that has no power so many people espouse but the ”shoe-leather-esteem-your-brother-better-than-yourself” Godliness that Jesus showed us how to walk out on earth.

Don’t just "like" something about someone: “Esteem your brother better than yourself”.

Don’t just "like" something about your spouse: “Esteem your brother better than yourself”.

 Don’t just "like" the way people are in your church: “Esteem your brother better than yourself”.

Don’t just "like" the way your child acts: “Esteem your brother better than yourself”.

Don’t just "like" certain things about people: “Esteem your brother better than yourself”.

Don’t just "like"_______________: “Esteem your brother better than yourself”.

What is the difference? “Liking” specific individual areas of a person’s life or someone’s actions means you are comparing that area to another and someone is found lacking. Why do that? Just “Esteem your brother better than yourself”.  Just love people.  Yes, there should be wisdom involved but really don’t we use that as an excuse to be guarded and make people “prove” themselves? Eventually the fruit of their life will be seen and in the meantime who knows what blessings will be available for both parties.

Jesus did not call the disciples and then keep them at arm’s length until they “proved” themselves. He was transparent with them. What if you get hurt? What if someone lets you down? Who cares?

What if you plant seed in someone’s life and it eventually brings about change. What it you are the one who shows them the love that they needed? What if they see Jesus in you?

What does this have to do with intercession?

It is not about you. It is about a lost and dying world watching to see if you really are different or just hot air….