Sunday, April 22, 2012


Years ago (like 15+) I had a step son who was making fun of me because I was “old”. I challenged him to a contest of doing the splits. After he got done laughing he tried and could not. I split to the ground. NO warm up. NO stretching. NOTHING! Just dropped to the ground in perfect splits, got up and asked him, “WHO IS LAUGHING NOW, BIG BOY?” Then I went into the bedroom and fell on the bed in total pain—I had torn my ham string. I hurt—PRIDE hurts you.

The first day we were in Guam I tripped over nothing and hurt my foot. I shook it off.

The next day I tripped in a parking lot. The concrete was uneven plus there was a low pole there. I tripped over the concrete, caught my foot on the pole and twisted my leg badly. Mike caught me (praise God or I would be all skinned up too!). I tore my ham string again and pulled a groin muscle plus broke a blood vessel in my calf and got a bruise on my shin. Lest you forget that I do things BIG when I do them I will tell you that the shin bruise is the size of a dollar bill and the calf thing is bigger than my hand. Attractive.

I just about had it prayed off and could walk uprightly without flinching when, yes, I slipped in some water and pulled it all again, worse this time.

I did not know I could hurt this badly. It hurt to sit, stand, walk, lay, swim—in other words there was no relief. I slept on the couch one night so I could support my leg and not keep Mike awake moaning in my sleep when I moved.

Then I saw this cartoon on Facebook. I cracked up. I thought that considering what I had just been through in 3 days it was warranted.

“No one ever said I wasn’t talented or skilled. I was just hoping for different skills.”

The whole thing cracked me up.

Then I got a private message from one of my dear friends, Rebecca Archer (Arrow International Ministry**). We have been friends for longer than either of us wants to count. She and her husband Tony are two of the ost Godly, anointed and real Christians I have ever had the honor of knowing. I totally respect her (both really but this is about her message) and know she hears from God so if she is talking, I am listening. Sure enough, in her very sweet, gentle, anointed way—and privately, so I would not be embarrassed, she totally rebuked me!

Here is what she said:

“do NOT take any type of “klutz” title onto yourself! I fight that regularly for myself – but I have seen you dance! It is a lie and you are not ungainly or old.
I also know that at this incredible crossroads in your life, you are under direct attack emotionally and physically (you seem to always be under those attacks, but that is because you are a front line soldier).
Hugs and lots more hugs and get well! Sorry to be so … rough. I love you too much to just leave it lie gently.

My first thought was, “Dear God, let every rebuke I receive be this loving.” I received it—I am not a klutz but have been under attack physically again. I find that FUNNY (but not ha ha) because I was totally healed in Reno and no physical attacks! I also pointed out to her that I dance better than ever!

This was a type of intercession that very few are willing to give: timely, gentle, private, direct, loving truth. I could have reacted in pride and refused it, talked about how it was just a joke (the Bible says not to say something then say it was just a joke) or any amount of other things but I didn’t. I already know pride hurts so why add that to the physical pain I was already in? Why give the enemy any place in my life?

Someone took the time to intercede for me. What an honor. What a blessing. How very like Christ. I repented and quickly. God began healing me immediately—my husband was awake almost that whole night praying for me to be healed. After that double whammy I am just about 100% which is a miracle. Ham string. Groin muscle. Huge hematomas.

Amazing. God is amazing.

Who are you interceding for today? Show a little love, reach out.

Arnold Strand - President Rebecca Archer – Executive Director
605 Cedar Ridge, Fletcher, Oklahoma 73541 – 9402
P.O. Box 6194, Lawton, OK 73505 (send checks to this address)
580.591.3373 or 405.563.1131
AIM for the World!

You can find Rebecca and Tony on Facebook. They also have a website you can sign up for. Their testimony is amazing. I often use the story of how they met when I teach to show what a miraculous God we serve. Beyond that, they have a ministry teaching pastors to teach children. They go all over the world and have provided villages with VBS and Sunday School materials that have made a difference in thousands of lives. Their ministry is bigger than I could ever list here. Check them out.

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