Wednesday, May 23, 2012


What brought this up was moving into our new house in Guam. As you probably know I have lived in tropical climates before so I have dealt with the roaches, rats and ants. But I have not dealt with these little things.

At first I thought it was dust. But when the dust started moving I thought maybe I should look closer—yep ants, tiny, tiny ants. They are everywhere. They get in everything. Right now everything not in a can is in the fridge.

I was told—everyone has them like that was supposed to make it better.

I can handle the big ants. You know the ones outside that eat concrete. You see then in their busy little black trails going back and forth without stopping except to pick up food or help a wounded ant.

These are different and there are thousands! When I had the insurance agency there were some ants that got into everything. The exterminator told me about this gel stuff that you dot on with a syringe. It worked on the big ones so I thought I would try it on the little ones. I dotted it all over there was no danger of food contact. They really liked it!

As they walk in it, taste it, track it back to the nest, den—whatever you call it and voila! No one can reproduce; it dries them out and at least diminishes the population.

I went on a mission to find some here. I did and it worked! Twenty four hours later and there are very few around. I actually cooked and did not have to battle them while doing so!

I am sure many of you were called pests as small children—OK some of you never out grew it. We all know someone who is a pest. Someone who bothers us at inconvenient times. Someone who makes us want to scream until we realize sometimes we are the pest and sometimes we are pestered!

We should be pests to the enemy. We should invade their camps by the thousands. We should be IN their business. We should be inconvenient. We should be a nuisance. We should be annoying. We should destroy every seed they plant. Everything they try to grow in a person’s life. (see the intercession here?) We should be a Godly plague to them bring the blood of Jesus with us and contaminating their camp with the blood and watch them run.

The problem comes in when we are interceding, getting battle plans, battling over others, working in several arenas at one time concentrating on the magnificence of God, dancing the victory dance, moving in the praise realm, worshiping before the throne and battling. In the meantime, the enemy is dotting poison all over—it smells attractive—it is everywhere we walk (think). We drag it back to our homes and meditate on it. Eventually it dries up our spirits, poisons everyone we come in contact with, destroys our routine, and keeps us from our battles. If you are in intercession for someone it is your responsibility to hold your position and fight until that person is in victory. Otherwise you put the burden on the ones fighting with you.

It is time for us to grow up and take responsibility for what we are called to do.
Time to stand firm.
Time to avoid the poison in our paths. Water washes it off in the natural so what do you think continuous washing of the water of the word will do?
Time to be aware of our surroundings.
Time to stop blaming God for every difficult situation in your life.
Time to add discipline to our lives.
Time to seek wisdom.
Time to operate in the gifts.
Time to set the captives free.
Time to set our faces like a flint and win this thing

I am ready to see the return of Christ—how about you?

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