Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Reality of Fly Fishing

 Fly Fishing

Have you noticed how many people look back with longing? Didn’t we learn anything from the Israelites’ wandering in the desert for 40 years?

 Looking backwards gives you a distorted view. Try it look over your shoulder—don’t turn anything but your head. How is that view of where you have been?

If God had wanted you there he would not have brought you to where you are now.  Think about it.

The enemy casts thoughts as accurately as a fly fisherman and like the 
fish you do NOT have to take the bait. Like any passionate fisherman he does continue to cast though—hear the sound of the reel as the fly heads towards the pool of your doubts (you know that area where you hide from everyone and meditate on 1/2 truths, fleshy longings, emotional bondages). Snap-he hooks you like a fish and continuously pulls the line to turn your head and focus from Christ back to some other time and he makes it look GOOD.

Turn and look over your shoulder—it is distorted. That is what the enemy does. He distorts your view. That distortion removes all the negatives and gives you a fuzzy view of what he wants you to see.

Remember the Israelites? They were in Egypt, slaves who had to build the pyramids. People go look at the pyramids or look at the pictures and marvel at how wonderful they are but is there any realization of the cost? The lives that were lost? The blood, sweat and tears that were required for every block put into place? We look back at the wonder and the beauty but it is a distorted view. The oppression was horrible and it increased every time they did something that irritated their “masters”. They ended up having to make their own bricks and build.

What is being distorted in your life? 
  • An abusive marriage that is remembered “fondly” because it wasn't “that” bad—and at least you weren't lonely.
  • A childhood that wasn’t what you wanted so “everything” was bad.
  • High school where you were never accepted in the popular crowd so you were a failure.

What distortions are in your life? Pack them  up. Ship them off--useless baggage.

What distortions do you see in other's lives? Things they cannot seem to get free from? Does it break your heart for them or does it irritate you? If it irritates--repent. Then put on your armor and help them through intercession. God doesn't show us things for entertainment but for restoration and redemption. 

The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings. Is 58:11-12

Get your armor on--we have work to do....


  1. :) Maken me think You are... I keep getting baited to think about my old church the one we spent 16 yrs in. Of corse there is some good things about it and yeah the people i miss BUT!!!! If it was to last forever that way ...God woulda kept it that way and kept me there.(((hugs))) Arlene

  2. Amen Arlene--You just won a battle! The enemy was defeated once again in your life. Whoo Hoo!!!

  3. Ohhhh...and ouch!!!! Getting irritated is NOT a woman of God trait!!! Must work on that one.

    Your post was so timely (duh)...as this morning my husband and I were both, (yep, the enemy got both of us today)...we were both lamenting the loss of our home..."if only, wish we could have, maybe we could go back..." were the words that crossed our lips this morning as he headed out the door to work...so OUCH! I have work to do...to repent, be thankful for this wonderful place in the mountains, and to pray for the ememy of our soul to get thee behind us...and to pray for joy to be upon my husband! Oh, I should have been encouraging to him and pointed out why we are so happy here and not there...but instead I joined him and he left not so lifted in spirit as he should have been....signing off now to go read the Word and pray! Thank you for this post dear Sally...we love you so much and I know you are a woman whom God is using!

  4. Ladybug--I just used your testimony this week to tell someone how you used to "appear" to have everything...Now you have a much simpler lifestyle and I hear the joy of the Lord in your posts, I see God in your actions--I see more love and peace than you ever had before. Before you had to "protect" what you had and you had to get more and...and...and. Now I just see and hear hearts turned to God. I sing your praises to God a lot. I was telling someone how Dave is such a tender-hearted Godly man who does what he hears from God for his family. I talked about his generosity and how very much I admire him. Wash that sleep out of your eyes darlin' and see anew.
    Love to you both.

  5. So true...I did appear to have everything...but really had nothing. My relationship with everyone was vauge at best and the most important relationship (with my God) was almost non-existent...scarry! The most important relationship is now growing and there is joy...unspeakable joy and I too sing praise to our God for his mercy and goodness to this little "ladybug"...
    Love to you dear Sally...so much love for you.