Monday, September 3, 2012

Are You on a Cycle or in a Cycle?

It is funny how life works—all of life basically. It cycles. You know the whole “Circle of life” thing. But seriously is there a cycle? I think so. People are born, people die. Teens become adults and recognize the truths their parents tried to teach them—the ones they thought were total foolishness are now the same things they try to teach to their own children. But the “circle” I am talking about is more than a pattern set into random motion in a random world. It is the system God uses.

Innocence broken by sin becomes conscience and murder enters destroying that era.  Government is introduced and the hierarchy of animals and man becomes solidified when they get off the ark but promise replaces it with a word to a couple desperate for a child.  Moses brings the Law and freedom from Egypt and Jesus bring grace and freedom from Sin. The Kingdom age is hidden like a mystery but a mystery which is hidden within the church so just like in all the other eras the ones who know, know. The tabernacle imitates Heaven. Each piece has its purpose and yet it means something else too—a circle if you will. I could write a whole book just on the circles but instead I will bring you to the one at hand.

Revivals have gone on for generations. We get close to God and move in the loving revelation He provides. We shine with His glory—then the next generation who grew up thinking this outpouring of the spirit is “commonplace” and “nothing special” because it is a way of life becomes more and more lackadaisical, less involved, less in love with the Lord, less radical. You can see it back to Adam and Eve.  Bill Gothard said, “Whatever you allow in moderation your children will do to excess.”   I have seen that proven to be true over and over.

In the 70’s the Jesus movement was in full force and the generation of “free love” was being shown that true free love came at a great cost to the giver. The Spirit is again moving across a generation of non-believers or “used to be believers” drawing and wooing them. The age of so-called sophistication knowledge is being given revelation and understanding that makes kindergarden seem like a phd. The movement of the spirit is destroying preconceived religious thought and moving into a realization of who the Holy Spirit actually is.

In the Old Testament God was revealed to man. In the gospels more of the revelation of the truth of Jesus the Messiah is made known. From Acts the Holy Spirit was revealed to all mankind in a way that was only experienced by the prophets in the days of old.

You have the option at this point in time to get into the circle of restoration of the power of the Holy Spirit—the outpouring of knowledge, wisdom, discernment, miracles, signs, wonders—this fullness of time that brings the Trinity into a true relationship with all three or not….

As an intercessor you have the option to suit up, get into the war and follow His lead or lay it down and walk away. What is your decision?


  1. Mary Relfe wrote in THE CURE OF ALL ILLS about a 40 year pattern she saw throughout history of the ebb and flow of revival cycles. Reading your post reminded me of the Ezekiel's vision of the wheel within the wheel. I wanna keep moving with the spirit no matter what. The faster we move in step with the Lord, the more stuff centrifigual force flings from our lives. I wonder if that is why it looks so stormy when outsiders see the cloud of His presence? To the uninformed it probably looks like a tornado and more of a place to run away from. There is a violence in the the anointing that is mostly noticeable only on the periphery. But within the eye of that stormy place is a peace that passes all understanding. So I guess that tells me to keep going deeper. If I only feel the wind and the storm, and things seem like they are flying loose, I gotta get closer, pressing in further. I want to be where in the eye of that storm, at the hub of revival around which those cycles turn.

    1. I have not read this but will try to get it. I am praying the tornadoes of the spirit here. I also want to be right in the midst of the storm in His perfect peace...Thank you for your so very valuable insights.

  2. I will look around and see if I have that book around here still.