Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Are You "Drawing"?

One day while we were driving we passed a house I realized how much it was like so many Christians's lives.. The yard was brown—the grass dead. The house was close to the road and weather worn. It had not seen paint in the 50 years it had been sitting in the burning summer heat followed by the windy, winter snows. The drive was weed ridden with small ruts to be maneuvered in order to arrive at the sad, tired house.

A couple of miles later green assaulted my senses. In the midst of mountainous colors and textures of the high desert it seemed almost out of place. And yet as we got nearer there was a wide tree lined drive way leading to a beautiful home—the house was white with deep green shutters and roof. There were flowers surrounding the house, a garden was nearby, the blue of an above ground pool caught my eye along with the red and white metal of a swing set. The entire picture was Norman Rockwell and so very inviting.

We are in the world but not of the world. Our outward appearance and actions are what draw people to us—it is the love of Christ shed abroad in our hearts that turns them to Christ.

The Philistines stood and looked over the land of the Israelis’ declaring that “surely they served the Most High God”. Who is looking over the fences into your life? Are they drawn? Pray them into the kingdom.

What are you drawing?

Draw the lost.


  1. I love your vivid description of something so beautiful the eye cannot help but look and the senses are tantalized by what the eyes sees. Let our lives be so vivid, full of life and shining with such color as the light of God illuminates us that many are drawn to look, examine and want what we have. Amen Sally. This really touched me. I am also reminded that if our grass is no longer green it is because it is no longer being cared for. Tend to your fields so others will learn how.

  2. Deborah--thank you for the beautiful response. You make my heart happy.