Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Do You Wear Glasses??

The first leg of my journey to Entebbe was interesting but mainly uneventful. I have to say that the Lord really blessed me with great flights.

From Guam to Hong Kong the plane was full. I was on an aisle which is my preference so I was a happy girl. I watched a weird movie and worked on a lot of notes I brought with me to type up. As soon as the lights were lowered and meals were served many of the Chinese started walking the aisles like it was a track. OK by me, distracting, but I am not in charge.

Then an elderly lady started walking—fast, head down, hands behind her back. She bumped me, I moved in a little. She went down the aisle and turned to come back. She bumped me again, I moved in.  She proceeded up the aisle a couple of rows, turned and headed to the back. She bumped me again. I had nowhere else to go so I stop typing and watched. By now she is only walking 5 seats or so, not the whole aisle. OK, so for some reason I feel better, she isn't walking nearly as fast as I thought—she is just walking by me a lot—emphasis on a lot. She switches to 3 seats—one in front, mine, one behind, turn and do it again, bump, turn, bump. You get it. OK patient enough—I put my elbow back on the arm rest but I cannot type because she is hitting me so often. 

I just continue to watch—she is hitting me harder and harder. I keep my elbow on the arm rest. It is not sticking out in the aisle but still.... She is muttering while she bumps me. Step, step, turn, step, step, bump, step, step, turn etc. This is getting comical. I realize she is working hard to run in to me--slowing at my seat to throw her hip into me.

Show me something here God…I realize that at one time I would have been furious and I would have shown it. I would have been rude, angry, something that would NOT reflect Christ. Progress for me—thank you Jesus. What else?

I got a big “nothing” so I decided to begin to pray for her. Why is it sometimes we leave intercession to the end of our thought processes? I keep thinking that eventually she will get tired of bumping me. She is like the Energizer Bunny though— step, turn, step, step, bump, step, step, turn—kinda like a dance. She is definitely leading though.

I’d rather lead so I start praying. What is this lady’s deal God? How can I pray for her? It is obviously intentional so it has to be spiritual. I pray but hear nothing….then the sound of a drum—it is the sound of war. I start praying in tongues and listening for the voice of God. As I prayed I realized I needed to stay “on” in the spirit. The Lord is clear that this trip will present a lot of opportunities to miss something in the spirit that God is doing if I do not keep my spiritual glasses on. I never take off my “regular” glasses because I cannot see. Why should I ever take off my “spiritual” glasses?

Once again the Lord impresses on me the importance of intercession as a lifestyle—not just an action. I know this and yet there are times I seem to forget. How is your memory? What type of glasses are you wearing? Do you only intercede when it is convenient for you? Are you living in the spirit? Are you being tossed to and fro with your emotions?

Who is irritating you and needs your intercession today?????

BTW: As soon as I started praying for her she stopped.


  1. What a great blog. This really made me think. I too would show my irritation, a response God is working in within me. It also stirred in me the need to be in prayer always. Your insight inspires me to seek God with new fervor and to look to the spiritual need not the immediate behavior of everyone I encounter. Thank you

  2. Oh man, I might have accidentally tripped her on purpose before I even prayed. How often do we let the little foxes of irritation spoil the opportunity to be a fruit-bearing vine? And when we are not wearing the right glasses, how can we be always alert carrying the mantle as ambassadors on a mission, standing in the gap where kingdoms are in conflict.