Sunday, November 17, 2013

Guam is a vacation haven for Japanese tourists---and you can see why..............

Guam is a vacation haven for Japanese tourists--and you can see why:

Yesterday I watched a couple come to the beach--she was dressed in a long green dress and high-platform sandals. Her hair was "done" and she was "made" up. He was in shorts and sporting a very expensive camera.

She began to pose. Over and over, twisting and turning. Sometimes he posed her and other times she did all the posing, Arm up, head turned, knee out. Twist, turn, over and over. 

The thing is, this is not uncommon. The Japanese are dressed up for everything. Make up perfect, beautiful
outfits, hats, skin protection, and they take hundreds of pictures.They pose over ever situation. Pictures waiting for the bus, eating a burger, at K-Mart with cases of shampoo. It is what the Japanese do in Guam on vacation.

I actually love watching them. But, yesterday I was "on guard" knowing God was going to show me something. 

The green dress lady backed towards the water. He wanted her right by the waves. Twisting, turning and them a wave hit her feet--she squealed, jumped and took off away from the water holding her dress so it did not get wet. I chuckled but kept watching. A lot of the tourists are afraid of the water so that was not unusual either. They left.

I immediately heard the Lord. How many Christians are like this?

They come to Christianity.
They clean up.
They dress up.
They pose, looking like something they are not.

But when they get close to the power of the Holy Spirit and renewing water of the word they are frightened and run back to what was comfortable.

Sounds like the Israelites leaving Egypt doesn’t it…..

Know someone who is posing? Someone who is frightened?

Time to pray……

You can think about Guam when you do.................


  1. You have held up a mirror to all of us. We all run back into the world at times. Wonderful word!

    1. Thank you Ian. You are a blessing and I appreciate your comments.