Monday, April 29, 2013

Who’s debris are you focusing on?

This morning we went to Ritidian, the most beautiful natural beach on Guam. It is our Saturday morning routine. A ritual if you will. A time of refining. A time of seeking God deeply. A time of praying off the week. A time to examine our hearts. A time to stop the atmospheric buzzing and hear the sweet voice of the One who loves us most. It is my favorite place on the island and it is my favorite time of the week.

As we arrived the Lord said, “Come to the water, I want to show you something.” I had spent the drive over thinking on cultural values, world views—how past experiences shape the present thought processes. The reaping and sowing in emotional areas of life. He sent the Word—a living, love letter to show us how to be, who to emulate, how to love. He left us a written word with the same vibrant life to refine, wash and change—perfect if you will.

I set my bag and diet coke on the ground and headed to the ocean to hear the voice of God. It was as if he had been waiting for me to come. He spoke clearly. The ocean was full of small bits and pieces of seaweed. This was not my usual clear water. We have had several “sudden” storms in the last 2 days. This is probably the reason for the debris—it causes the surf to pound on the barrier reef, tearing off the vegetation, the life and sends it pounding through the surf to shore to be washed up and discarded. My mind always rushes to so many things, the roads of thought process are continuous. I stop the ruminations and get silent before the Lord.

He told me to look again at the ocean, the debris. This is what happens to your past when you walk into the refining of my love and follow it with the washing of the word. The debris breaks loose and washes away. At this point it is just debris. You can gather it up and try to regrow it. You can build an altar to it. Or, you can see it as debris, recognize it as what it is—trash. You don’t live need to live in trash. You do not need to decorate with the trash. It stinks and if you try to salvage it you will carry the same stench.

Don’t live in the debris. Let the water wash it away. Things happen—you have to get past “it”. “It” doesn't 
have to “be” who you are. It may affect how you feel but your feelings are not the barometer of truth.
Let’s go one step beyond this because it is
not about you….how many times are you with someone and they have so much debris it gets to where you cannot see THEM??? When the debris is overwhelming step back, look again…..have they made an altar out of the debris? Are they using it to accessorize their life? Is the stench that is getting to you?

There is lots of debris at the beach today. Doesn't change the fact that I love the beach. Doesn't change the fact that this is still my favorite beach on Guam.

Who’s debris are you focusing on?

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