Thursday, June 20, 2013

But what if I break a fingernail?

So many times we avoid things because they are painful, they will cause us harm or heartache or maybe cause us to "break a nail". I never play baseball or soft ball anymore because I have to redo my nails after every game. You see, I have never learned to play the game without giving it my ALL. 

The same thing applies to our walk. Most people do not want to confront truth because it might cause them harm (ever heard the cliche, "don''t kill the messenger"? How many times have I--or you--brought a message and had to pull the arrows out of your back as you left? Or heartache (lost any friends because you refused to compromise truth?) or maybe "break a nail"? (well that one just goes without saying).

I had a vision of David fighting battle after battle. He was dirty, bloody, beat up, hot and tired but he WON. The Lord was with him. The Lord guided his battle. He proved victorious over and over.

We forget the important things in a battle:
1.   Battles are meant to be fought with others. Ever seen an army of one?
2.     Battles are not fought in a sterile environment. Ever seen a war in a hospital operating room?
3.     Battles cause you to be in vulnerable positions. Ever see a war movie? Someone has to raise their head to shoot.
4.     Battles create friendships with people you might never have known otherwise. Ever heard about the reunions of old army buddies after dozens of years?
5.     Battles cause you to watch out for the people around you. Ever pay attention to who is praying beside you and holding YOU up?
6.     Battles cause you to learn to watch for orders. Ever forget that Christ is your guide and you are not alone?
7.     Battles cause you to become disciplined. Ever get attacked and walk away from God because it was easier to feel sorry for yourself?
8.     Battles may be for someone else. Ever heard the saying, "Its not all about you?"
9.     Battles can be for a person or a cause. Ever studied any famous battles either real or fictional?
10. Battles wreck your clothing. Ever seen a clean soldier coming in from a battle?
11. Battles wreck your armor. Ever seen a tank hit by the enemy?
12. Battles can make you bleed. ever seen a soldier who was wounded?
13. Battles are lonely. Ever write to a loved one away at war?
14. Battles are hard to talk about. Ever hear of PTSD?
15. Battles bring out the most judgmental people. Ever see a protester who forgot they were protesting a war and not the people?
16. Battles are expensive. Ever look at a military budget?
17. Battles cause lives to be lost. Ever see someone walk away from an intercession and leave a hole for others to fill?

So many times we expect the Lord to give us something without cost. We think if we have to extend any effort something is wrong. We forget there is an enemy who goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. 

The battle may be long, it may be hot, it may be bloody but don’t get weary, don’t give up. 

Seek the Lord:
  • His wisdom 
  • His plan 
  • His guidance
and then fight like it is for your life—because it is. 

If the enemy can detour you, defeat you, destroy you, he will. 

Don’t let him.  


  1. I really liked this post! Thank you for posting it.

    1. Thank you Dory. I sure miss you and miss talking to you.
      Blessings to you,