Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Have You Fallen Into the New Age of Reasoning?

God loves mankind but sin separates man from Him. We have all heard that. It boils down to the fact that God is holy and we are not. This really irritates a lot of people and causes them to refuse to even listen. Before we are saved we see God as mean.  Every bad thing that happens in the world is blamed on God not to mention sending your Son to die. This is crazy—unless you are willing to hear truth. Most people pride themselves on their intellect.

How they can reason and “figure things out”. It is a funny thing that people will talk in mysteries and symbols and they are considered intelligent.  

Entire college courses are based on intellectual discussions about the symbolism in novels, the hidden meanings and it is not only acceptable but somehow considered “lofty”.  Art galleries produce critic s walking around talking about what the artist was thinking, what the strokes and colors mean.

But, when Christians talk about the symbolism in the Bible they are considered “kooks” by many of these same intellects.  Talking about the thoughts of God brings derision, disrespect and discomfort to both parties.

This is the work of the enemy of your soul. Children have no trouble understanding God and the message of
the cross. Mentally challenged people understand the cross.

 The cross bridges mankind to God—available for all. We love things that are complicated—it makes us feel important—we hate simple things because then we don’t get the credit.

So many people think that Christianity is dumb so they add this teaching and that rule—Christianity is simple. If people make it hard then they have the control, they think it shows their importance instead of their ignorance.

The acceptance of salvation is simple. Then it is progressive, continuously making you a better person. There will be bumps and curves along the way but God doesn't put them there—the path He gives you is narrow and lighted.

How does this apply to intercession? Throw away all those intellectually confusing twists and turns and just accept what God did for you on the cross then pray others through into that same path……

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