Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hear the sound???? ZWEEK—ZWEEK

There is always a lot of controversy over the “gun” control issue. I have opinions and they may be different than yours but this is not what this is about. Please reserve judgement and comments until you have read the whole thing. (OK just found out this was the wrong gun--he carried a Glock but the one by the bed was a different one.....)

When we were first married, Mike lived in North Reno, out in the country with his horses and dog.  But, after we were married, after all the business trips, after moving me to Reno, after most of the work obligations were coming to a close, after all the medical tests and doctors’ visits, we actually got to live together we moved to a different house to start our new life together. It was in a neighborhood and I knew it would be difficult for Mike he was used to a lot of space. That was my intercession on our first night in the new house. As we wound down we put the car in the garage and left the truck at the old house so someone would think we were there. Mike and I had a LOT of stuff and this was not going to be a quick move.

I dozed off praying but something woke me up—my adrenaline was pumping. Every nerve was at attention. I listened again—someone was trying the front door. I started to get up and head to the door but realized I was married now so I touched Mike’s shoulder. I whispered that someone was trying to break in. He grabbed his Glock (which was placed on the night stand every night) and headed for the front door.  

(When I met Mike he always carried a gun. I actually liked that. He made me feel safe in so many ways and this was just another one. Nevada is an open carry state. He had also had a concealed weapon permit. The first time we went to McDonald’s to get a diet coke I was standing in line and realized that 6 out of the 8 people in line had holsters and guns visible. I felt like I was in the old west. When I got back to the car I asked Mike about it and he explained the law. That is what God does. We ask him about what is going on he explains how it all works. I am an intercessor. I study weapons. I love military museums. I learn about the war in the natural and God shows me the parallel in the spirit realm.)

As Mike headed to the front of the house I tried to follow. He told me to wait there. I sat and prayed and realized that God had brought me this man and nothing was going to happen now. We were just starting on our journey together. I was at peace and praying. Isn’t that how we are supposed to intercede? At peace and praying? Knowing that what God has for us is what will happen. Knowing that having done all we can stand.

In this move, I had done all I heard to do:

  • I asked God to show me the “pond he wanted us to fish in” before we chose a house. I see everything as a mission field: where I live, where I work, where I shop…..
  • He led me to the house (knowing I was in a new city and had no idea where I was—it was a “turn here, turn there” Holy Spirit guidance).
  • A friend of Mike’s had a house for rent and took us to see it---it was the place the Lord had taken me.
  • We signed the papers.
  • I prayed over the house as I cleaned and we moved in…

Now I was sitting (while “standing in the spirit”) on the side of the bed, waiting on Mike to “handle” the proposed break in.

Every nerve was still at attention while Mike went to the front of the house. Then I heard the lock jiggling again. The next sound was the ZWEEK—ZWEEK of the Glock being engaged. That sound sent chills down my spine and made me feel completely safe at the same time. Apparently it sent chills down the potential thieves also because they took off.

Mike came back to bed. I was amazed at how safe I felt. I rested in safety and fell asleep.

The next day the Lord showed me several things about how all of this had worked:

  1. When he shows us an intercession we need to get all the basic directions about it. 
  2. We have to trust Him to tell us when and where to turn from the direction we are going.
  3. We need to “hear” when God brings our answer instead of having a preconceived idea about what the answer is supposed to look like. 
  4. Commit to the answer,
  5. Pray over ever step as you do what he said to do.
  6. Sometimes it is not what we expected.
  7. Sometimes it takes longer than we think it should take. 
  8. AND after all of that “stand” in the peace that passes all understanding. He is your answer. He has a plan and he will bring it to pass.

How does this apply to intercession? Do you walk away from an intercession easily? If it was someone other than Mike would I have “stood” as long? As intercessors do we “lay down our lives” or are we intercessors of convenience? Do we do “all” and then “stand” or do we do “part” and then “relax”? Do we do what he called us to for the “joy” set before us or do we do what we “have” to so feel accomplished?

I see a lot of intercessors weary, withdrawn, ineffective, confused and plain old selfish…Are you one of those? Do you need to repent? Are you in the safe place of receiving your answers confidently and in peace?

ZWEEK—ZWEEK that sound sent the prowlers running. They did not need to see Mike. They did not need to see the weapon. They heard the sound. They knew that he was prepared to defend what was ours. They knew ZWEEK—ZWEEK was not a challenge, not a threat—it was truth.

The Lord shows more than once in the Bible the enemy running from the sound of the Lord……

Get your ZWEEK—ZWEEK in the spirit going, have your weapons ready in every instance and watch those victories become your portion…..


  1. This is awesome...I want to learn about intercessoring more, ive been told i am an intrecessor, I repent for not taking the time to pray...these last few months have been hard on me, i got my 3rd girl 3months ago an it has taken up all my time an beeing home with 3 kids an taking time to pray...I feel its hard to get the time, i know people thinks that i should, and i really want to, just to get to that point what they are talking about...that i can do it! i want it, i want God to be the biggest part of my daily life...

    1. Mrs. Caro,

      Taking care of 3 children and one of them a newborn is a HUGE responsibility and very time consuming. I would love to talk to you more about intercession. Please feel free to email me at or message me on Facebook and we will talk.


  2. Sally,
    Awesome word! I love how the truth is revealed in other peoples' stories - yours for instance. Thanks for sharing. I am in agreement.
    Thanks and Blessings,