Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WOW! Did You See that Storm Coming?

It has been cold, rainy and stormy for about a week. Having grown up in Oregon the rain should be normal for me but after a day or so it makes me miss the sun. After a week, I considering speaking to the weather and whining at God, I don’t but I consider it. It has, however, caused me to contemplate the storms that invade our lives.

The storms may rage but I am sitting in the house watching the beauty of the coconut trees blowing, the wind whipping the jungle vegetation around, the view of the Ocean change as the storm increases and decreases I am safe, dry and comfortable in my air-conditioned-when-I-desire home. I have a view of the storm but it doesn’t really affect me.

I watch the mud wash down off the hill and flow out into the ocean. I see the ocean change colors and when the storm is bad I cannot even see the ocean.

See the muddy river? It even changes the color of the ocean.

If I choose to go outside I can “brave” the storm. I will get wet. I will get wind-blown BUT I will survive.


How does this apply to our lives?

Fact: Storms are going to come.
Fact: Storms are going to look worse than they really are.
Fact: They may last a long time.
Fact: We may get tired of them.
Fact: They may change the landscape of our lives.
Fact: They may cause us to be temporarily blind.
Fact: We can chose to observe or gen in the middle.
Fact: We can stay in the comfort of the Holy Spirit and not let it affect us.
Fact: The storm will pass and everything will be clean and new.
Fact: If you watch, the Lord will break through the storms.

The sun/Son breaks through the storms.

How are you handling storms today?

What does this have to do with intercession? You may see someone drowning in a storm—get out there, get wet, get windblown and intercede them to safety. It is our job. It is our joy. It is our purpose, our calling and our fulfillment.

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