Sunday, January 11, 2015

Do Not Enter

I went to Ritidian last week. When I arrived I was greeted with signs reading:

No Swimming
Do Not Enter
High Surf Warning

The tide was in—the waves crashing on the shore and the undercurrent so strong I could see the sand churning with every wave for 12-15 feet out from shore. There were huge (for Guam) waves crashing over the reef. I have walked to the reef and never gotten knee-deep in water. Not today—if I could even go into the water. There are white caps and rough seas as far as I can see to the horizon. The wind is blowing hard. When the sun hides behind a cloud I get good bumps! A first on Guam!

The last time I was here there were man-o-war. They will knock you to your knees. They can cause severe physical problems and are nothing to mess with. These were small the size of a nickel or dime. They are clear and just look like a small bubble on the shore. You have to wear shoes. Even if they are dead they HURT and are dangerous. They float on the water, they end up on the sand, you have to wear flip-flops to be safe.

That is 2 in a row not-as-pleasant-as-I-like experiences at my favorite place on the island. Did it keep me from returning? Of course not!

All of this reminds me of 2014. For so many people it was rough seas. There were undercurrents that knocked them off their feet. There were rip currents that tumbled them under water, skinning them in the sand, taking away their breath. There were high waves, life threatening experiences. There were danger signs and warning signs all over. There was coldness in so many areas. High winds throwing sand in their eyes so they could not see what God was doing.

2015 is different and will continue to be.

While I am writing all of this the soldiers came, 3 of them with a park ranger. One acted like he had never been to the beach before. He walked to the water in his boots and then walked back to the group. They looked up and down the beach. They talked and the ranger gestured a lot. They were making plans. There was a lot of pointing and talking.

The tourists are ignoring the signs. They are picnicking, laying in the sun, talking, laughing and just enjoying the “beach” experience. They are in the water swimming and snorkeling no matter all the signs saying NO SWIMMING and HIGH SURF HAZARD--DANGER signs. They are taking hikes past the DO NOT ENTER sign. They are gathering shells and coral off this National Preserve beach with signs everywhere that it is illegal to do so. I watched a 2 year old get sucked under by the under current and get rescued by his father. Adults falling off the ledge where the rip current is churning.

2015 is different.

The Army of God is getting their instructions.

Many are still enjoying the pleasures of the world and ignoring all the signs.

What does this have to do with intercession?

Time to change---time to pray.

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