Monday, March 12, 2012

Jewels in the Desert

We went to good friends for dinner last night. I love to go to their house. They live on a hill out in the country. When you come out of the house the sky is right there! I always feel like I could just reach up and grab a star. Mike showed me 2 planets without a telescope! While Mike drove home, I talked to God about how magnificent and how awesome I think He is in every area I can comprehend. 

When we went around one corner I saw the lights of the valley. I began to weep  and reminded God that the first time He showed me the lights He said, "These are my jewels in the desert. Pray salvation over every home. Warfare over the heavenlies. Change the atmosphere. Bring in the harvest." I wept and asked God if I had been diligent enough. Were my prayers making the difference they needed to make? I prayed for the families represented by each light. I prayed over the marriages, the children, the jobs, the incomes, the strongholds that have held this area. 

Then I looked the opposite direction and saw a lit cross. It had to be huge because it was far away. It was solid not just an outline. It was back up against a mountain. There were no other lights around it, no house, no church, just a cross shining in the dark rock. I heard the Lord say, "When someone comes to me this is what I see. The Cross and the Light of the Word shining in the dark rock of the world." What a beautiful sight that was.

What a beautiful sight you are. 

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