Thursday, February 6, 2014

Are You Dogging His Steps?

We have had almost 3 weeks of intermittent storms—three weeks! But today the sun is out! The sky is clear. The wind is blowing. The ocean is still angry but colorful again and beautiful.

Bernie doesn’t handle the storms well. If the rain gets too loud he “dogs my steps”. I just love my dog so I do not really care.

If the wind gets too loud he “dogs my steps”. I just love my dog so I do not really care.

If it thunders he “dogs my steps” or gets in my lap while he shakes and shivers and whimpers.  Ditto on the caring.

The problem is our kitchen floor is white. So is Bernie. This can prove dangerous to a frightened animal who is “dogging my steps”.

Another problem is that our bedroom floor is white. This can prove dangerous to a frightened animal who is “dogging my steps”.

Add this to the fact that we do not use a lot of lights at night. We want to be able to see the stars out our windows, and the reflection of the moon on the clouds and the ocean AND that our living room floor is pale grey and white. Well you get the picture: 2 full sized adults, darkness, almost white floor, a white, 6 pound dog…..a lot of BERNIE!!! Yelping!!! Jumping!!!

It still doesn’t bother me. I love my dog.

It got me to thinking though. I was sitting here praying for people who were experiencing the storms of life: cancer, extreme pain, financial devastation, death of a loved one, children either in prison or in jail, spouses not serving God, children estranged from God and family, alcoholism, gambling, divorce, drug addiction…the storms of life.

What happens to most people in their storms is one of 4 things:
  1. They resort back to old behavior.
  2. They get angry at God.
  3. They let their mouth run with gossip, criticism or blame.
  4. They press into the Lord, the Word and His comforting presence.

The Lord told us to come as children. In that innocence. In that acceptance. (A lot like Bernie) He also told us to be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove. You cannot run your mouth and be harmless. Jesus slept in a boat in a storm. He walked on water in a storm. How about you? Are you an imitator of the Lord or of the world?

Do you have a storm in your live? Are you dogging His steps?
  • Unlike me He will not trip over you.
  • Unlike me He will not step on you.
  • Unlike me He will not yell when you startle Him.
  • Unlike me He will not get irritated.

He will protect you. He will keep you from perishing in the storm. He will love on you and let you know that it will all be ok.

Are you dogging his steps? Are you keeping yourself where you need to be?

What does this have to do with intercession?

Everywhere I look the storms of life are raging over people’s lives. People are struggling. They are hiding. They are giving up. When you see someone being overwhelmed in a storm it is time to pray over them. Not talk about them. Not tell them they need to learn something. Not kick them while they are down. Pray.

Basic intercessor training: the intercessors are the eyes of the body. They go through things way before the rest of the body of Christ. By the time the attack/storm gets to the body it should have been prayed away or diminished. It is time for the intercessors to get back into the watch towers and on the wall and pray for those who are in the storms of life.

Intercessors, if you need prayer message me and we will get people to pray for you and get you back on your feet. At one time I could call into the spirit and intercessors would hear. Now there is a dullness of hearing.

That is just 2 senses under attack! 


  1. April, I know you are!!!!! And Oklahoma girl, you even know what it means!!!!! Blessings yo you and yours.