Sunday, February 9, 2014

Picking Shoes for the Terrain????

 When you decide to go for a walk do you find out where you are going so that you know what shoes to wear? Sounds crazy huh?

BUT if you are going to walk on a nice grassy slope with some rocks here and there a comfortable pair of tennis shoes will do.

 OR if you are going to be hiking a rocky cliff you need socks and sturdy shoes that fit well and that do not rub anywhere.

What if you are going to cross creeks etc. Do you need to toss a pair of flip flops in the back pack so you do not get your shoes wet? Are you just going to walk on the beach? Flip flops and barefoot will probably do. Get my drift? You need to know the terrain.

 Do you know the terrain of your life in the spirit? If you do not know the terrain how do you fight? Do you just curl up in the corner and hope it goes away? Do you call all your friends and glorify what the enemy is doing? OR do you look into the spirit and know your terrain and gear up? When you sense (combat intelligence) the attack coming do you repent where you need to, praise the Lord for being able to see what is coming, adjust your armor and then get your shoes on and go after your victory?

General Matthew Ridgeway writes "There are two kinds of information that no commander can do without--information pertaining to the enemy which we call 'combat intelligence' and information on the terrain. Both are vital."

It is critical to discern WHERE the enemy will attack. Accurate, pertinent, and timely intelligence on the enemy is necessary for making an adequate defense. It is basic but so important to have a sure knowledge of the strength (or in reality weakness since we have all power over him) of the enemy. What is his plan? (Is he stealing your children?) What is his timing? (Do you sense a tough day for them in school today?) What is his next move? (Has luke-warmness caused you to lay down your attentiveness in the spirit?)  What weapons will he probably use? (You are no good, you were a bad mom, you yelled, etc) Take the time to find those answers and fortify then thwart his battle plan.

Once you have your combat intelligence and terrain information you are almost done! Now you fight and BOOM!!!! You win!!!! Victory is assured!

 So many times when the church is under attack they turn and hide in the corner hoping it will all go away. They end up beat up.

Other times they turn traitor and partner with the enemy who is trying to destroy them…..that is his job. Your job is to defeat him.

What does this have to do with intercession? 

Intercession is not a burden. It is not a problem. It is a gift and a calling! Open that package and get to work! I love defeating the enemy!

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