Monday, December 23, 2013

Are prior "failures" haunting you like Christmas past???????????

It is Christmas Eve morning.

My heart is full for so many people who have no one--the homeless, the orphans, the street kids. Everyone knows those. How about the single moms who are overwhelmed and lonely? How about the dads who are not with their families anymore? How about the singles who live out on their own and cannot get home for Christmas? How about the military families who are separated? The troops who are in some foreign country to protect us. And on...and on...and on......

Before I was saved I owned a tavern. It was packed on Christmas with people who needed to be around people....they were alone and lonely. It was a tough day for most of them. Most would be there earlier than usually and stay later. Many had to walk home.

I was not big on Christmas when I was raising my kids and some years we did not really celebrate--I thought it was too commercialized--selfish on my part. One of the many “parental failures”.

My son went to college when he was 16. I did not have anything to help him and he worked his tail off. His friends were having fun—it was much tougher on him. One Christmas neither of us could afford for him to come home. No one invited him over. Not relatives, not friends, not anyone. Another HUGE “parental failure”.  

Past failures consume so many people during the holidays. The Lord has delivered me from those past failures. How about you? Are all of those past “failures” haunting you like Christmas past? Do you know someone who has a problem with holiday depression?

What are you thinking about this morning?

Who are you praying for? 

Merry Christmas to you and yours. I pray that the calling of intercession increase within your heart this year and the gift of intercession be your continuous present.

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