Sunday, December 22, 2013

Whose Oasis are you?

We were riding through the mountains one time—there were taupe and tans. So many soft, muted colors contrasted with the dark green of the trees, the yellow blossoms of the sage. Dusty lumps of vegetation with an oasis in the middle.

The verdant green shining through a rainbow mist of moisture and the shimmer of heat over a body of water. The differences in the two types of beauty was stark. 

Our lives should be an oasis in the midst of life for others to enjoy. The differences in color and texture, the lush green of abundance, the water not only for sustenance but the refreshing misting that cools in the midst of the heated pressures of life.

An oasis is not a place to stay and live for life but a place to “stop over”, a place to refresh and restore for the next portion of your journey.  Do not try to “keep” someone in your oasis for too long—that is manipulation and control. Supply their needs. Share what you have. Mentor them, grow them, care for them and build them up in preparation for the next part of their journey.

The same thing applies when you are stopped for a time of refreshing in another’s oasis. Leave a gift, share what you have, partake of what they have, prepare for the next portion of your journey.

Whose oasis are you?

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